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The Drem Airfield Incident involved Royal Air Force pilot Sir Robert Victor Goddard's experience over Drem Airfield in 1935. His first flight was uneventful and the abandoned airfield was overgrown by plant life. On his return, however, he encountered strange yellow storm clouds that caused him to lose control of his plane. He got a glimpse of the airfield and it was now fully operational, housing a new plane design and planes that were painted yellow. Men in blue mechanic uniforms worked on the planes, but the RAF mechanic uniforms of that time period were brown. He later gained control of his airplane and the storm dissipated.

It wasn't until years later that Drem Airfield was turned back into a functional airfield. The planes were painted yellow and a new type, a monoplane called "The Magister," was at that location. Years later, the mechanic uniforms were changed to blue.

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